What are society’s expectations of TAFE?

What does our society value?  Where does it want public funding allocated?  This paper poses these questions and more in focusing on vocational education and training (VET) and the role of TAFE.
During 2013 the NSW Government released a paper entitled ‘Statement of owner expectations – TAFE NSW’.  This paper outlined what the NSW Government expected of TAFE.  The TAFE Community Alliance (TCA) believes that governments, however, have a broader responsibility which includes the funding and maintenance of a quality public VET system on behalf of the people of NSW who are the real owners of TAFE.
This discussion paper has been developed by the Alliance to:
·     engage with a wide range of individuals and groups about TAFE
·     seek and record the views of what society expects of TAFE

·     result in a position to campaign around in the lead-up to the next state elections

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